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The Most Popular Gambling Superstitions - The Top Five

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Common Gambling Superstitions from Around the World The Mouth of a Lion. Inability to control your time and enormous pressure that is building up in the room. Related Posts. Follow us:. Who We Are. Latest Articles.

7 Most Popular Casino Superstitions

They're not so easy to collect, though: the small print dictates that your rabbit must have been captured or killed in a cemetery. On the other hand, in Japan, it is believed that the number four is unlucky. If you are doing bad, you should simply go to the bathroom and wash your hands. Latest Articles. Some Chinese players will take things to the next level. The Mouth of a Lion This superstition is one of my favorites because of the story that goes with it. However, there are gamblers out there that believe it to be their lucky number. It would be very unreasonable to state that the superstitious approach to gambling is due to nothing but human anxiety and stupidity. This one is very common in roulette, as players keep betting on the same colour, thinking that after a certain number of successive red or even results, a series of black or odd numbers is just waiting to happen. Eight is generally believed to be a lucky number, connected to wealth and prosperity. May 27, — 7 min read. While helping out a fellow human being is general believed to bring good karma, giving money to a gambler to continue gambling is, apparently, just the opposite. Finally, many gamblers have their own lucky and unlucky numbers, and they tend to stick with them no matter what. Since you need good luck to be by your side to win, it is no surprise that, over the years, people have come up with different beliefs, superstitions, and lucky charms supposed to help bring good luck their way and chase away the bad one. How about the percentage of chance when playing at online lotto sites? One of the worldwide superstitions is that hand washing can change the course of luck. Give the Dice a Blow This one is super popular at the craps table and has been made famous by being used in movies. Of course, no one will challenge you to a gunfight, but you might cancel any luck you had. Sorry, Elvis. Here is a list of three of the most popular good luck charms and rituals from around the world:. Read more. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for all of them. In India, they roll a little differently though. A Casino Dealer Career: What Are The Main Opportunities and Considerations While some casino regulars might think of dealers as of a cog in a machine, they, in fact, performing functions that determine the quality of service. Famous Lucky Charms Apart from doing or avoiding certain things, gamblers through the history have come up with many objects that are believed to bring good fortune and keep bad luck away. During times of celebration, the Chinese will often give money in a red envelope as a gesture of good luck and fortune to the recipient. People think that following some kind of superstitious ritual will help them avoid some of the unwanted and unpleasant situations they may face in their life, while also managing to successfully accomplish their goals. Well, because casino games, especially roulette, dice, and slots involve a lot of chance. Please, for the love of all things decent, do not take this superstition literally. Initially this served as an air freshener at tables swathed in cigarette smoke; today, it's pure superstition. Whether this was true or not, it has morphed into a full-scale superstition. One of the biggest superstitions among gamblers is to avoid counting your money while playing casino games. In fact, this superstition is so.

The Most Popular Gambling Superstitions - The Top Five - Gambling Superstitions From Around The World - Blog

You will have to leave at some point, or your luck will run out sooner than you think. Superstitions are serious business for some people and are just a fun way to enjoy gambling for others. Once again, it is uncertain where this superstition comes from. In India, they roll a little differently though. The main problem is usually the need to visit the bathroom. Imagine that you are in Las Vegas, you have already hit the jackpot, and the atmosphere of permissiveness and lack of limits play havoc with your hearts so intense that the two of you decide immediately to tie the knot. It's been suggested that certain unscrupulous gamblers would coat one side of their dice in a sticky substance that could be activated by moisture. There are so many different superstitions that vary from country to country. Furthermore, they tend to stay away from main entrances because they believe doors are cursed by feng shui masters. Eventually, the casino had to remodel the entrance. Probably best to leave that practice to the South Africans…. Voodoo witchcraft is believed to give individuals more luck when dished out in the correct manner. However, this superstition is no longer merely a Chinese tradition; on the contrary, it is widely followed by prudent players worldwide. Share on Pinterest. Gamblers are known as some of the most superstitious people on the planet, but where did their catalogue of traditions originate? Before an individual is about to participate in an event where luck might come in handy, they have water spilled behind them. Lots of cigar smoke clouds that makes your mind foggy.

Gambling Superstitions in Casinos

However, the fact that it was used as a symbol of pride and resistance by Irish Catholics during the 18 th century probably helped as well. Top 10 Movies About Lottery Winnings. Why are Gamblers Superstitious in the First Place? Lucky Pennies Coins Coins of all shapes and sizes are often carried around as good luck charms. Unlucky Lover, Lucky Gambler One of the funniest but also most commonly quoted superstitions is that those who have no luck in love have better luck in gambling. Insightful Baccarat Guide. Gambling superstitions are just as widespread as they are in all other areas of life, varying from culture to culture, and some can be extremely personal. Four Leaf Clover Four leaf clovers and shamrocks are also widely believed to bring good luck. Casinos might have red curtains or a red carpet. Well, in roulette, previous outcomes do not in any way influence the next ones, so the chance of getting red again after a series of red outcomes is still We can learn and work remotely, travel around […]. Industry Poker. Spin Casino. However, there are also many popular misconceptions about Indian casinos and the way they work. Initially this served as an air freshener at tables swathed in cigarette smoke; today, it's pure superstition. The origins of this superstition suggest that at some point in the 50s and 60s, casino mobsters tucked 50 dollar bills in the collar of their potential victims before killing them. The down side of these superstitions is that you might encounter the odd smelly individual who is taking things to the next level.

An Overview of the Most Popular Gambling Superstitions

Have you ever wondered what makes a good casino croupier become one? One thing that is true, though, is that if you start to try and realize your profits before you are done playing, you may start to play differently and will, in fact, start losing. Strong Belief in Feng Shui Chinese people in general believe in feng shui, i. Lucky and Unlucky Dealers No matter what casino on the planet you walk into, regular players will always have their lucky and unlucky dealers. Many gamblers believe this will help you win more often. It is not rare to see a gambler wearing one either as a part of their keychain or just holding it tight in their hand. These are some of the funniest and most interesting ones. Chinese Gambling Superstitions Although gambling and gambling superstitions are found in all countries in the world more or less , Chinese players make up a special group. Here is a list of the top four actions, rituals and charms considered taboo in casinos:. BoVegas Blog is addressed to those who are obsessed with gambling. This is what makes them follow so-called superstition: a category of false beliefs that are founded upon an irrational view of the world, as well as upon mythological ideas. For example, once you place bets on roulette, you should walk away and not look back until the ball lands. Since there is a similarity between the pronunciation of the number four and death, they believe that it can bring nothing but bad luck. People who read this article, also like. Blowing on the dice before rolling was a way to ensure that each die would land as required. Popular superstitions, gambling colours and bad luck numbers are waiting is the colour of prosperity and, therefore, a colour that brings good luck. Famous Superstition Numbers: Lucky Number 7 and Unlucky Number Give the Dice a Blow. This one is super.

In Chinese culture, it is unlucky to enter a casino from the front entrance. How about the percentage of chance when playing at online lotto sites? Gambling is a part of Chinese culture so it is no surprise they have many beliefs particular to their culture not found with players from Europe or the US. Sixty years later, the belief that blowing on your dice brings good luck has become so ingrained that it's not uncommon to see it happen in a family game of Monopoly, but unlike most superstitions, it might have a basis in practicality. People have been gambling for millennia. Eventually, the casino had to remodel the entrance. Your email address will not be published. Remember that horrific night out you had when your best friend drunkenly persuaded you that visiting a voodoo witch doctor would be great banter? If they were wearing something when they won, like a hat, they might start to believe that the hat was lucky. Trendiest Flicks Featuring Gambling With its overpowering effects and immensely engaging sway, the gambling industry has permeated nearly every sphere of human life and art for more than a hundred years. We are here to tell the world about casinos, incredible wins, life-changing decisions, and breathtaking opportunities. Top 10 Movies About Lottery Winnings. Such events can be political events […]. Among the popular rituals, there is also knocking on wood in some parts of the world or kissing your companion. Demoted to a figure of speech in most circles, the lucky rabbit's foot is still cherished in gambling circles. Luck, as an abstract notion, is deeply connected to gambling. While there are ones that are universal, others are not so common. Name: Email:.

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